First-Year Requirements 和 最后期限

See instructions below f或者是 application fee waiver

Here’s what we need from you:

  • 一个完整的 SPU Application 或者是 Common ApplicationThe Common Application is helpful if you're applying to other schools using the common application. The SPU-specific application is shorter if you're not applying to as many Common Application schools. We do not have a preference between applications, but please only apply with ONE application.
  • $50 application fee waiver. Here's how to get your $50 fee waiver.
    • If applying via the SPU Application
      • 去 "Program Information" 选项卡.
      • Within the fee waiver question, the SPUGift waiver code will automatically load if you apply by 12月1日.
    • If applying via the Common Application
      • 去 “我的大学” section.
      • Navigate to Seattle Pacific University 和 click on ”的问题."
      • Within the fee waiver question, select "Institutional Fee Waiver" from the drop-down menu.
      • Type in the code SPUGift.
  • 论文. You’ll submit this with your application. This is where we get to meet you! Have fun 和 be authentic.
  • 考试分数: We are test optional. That means applicants for 秋天季度 2024 can choose whether or not to submit ACT or SAT scores. 请 see the test score policy.
    • SPU can review updated test scores post-application, but they must be received by March 1. 请 contact our office if you will submit new scores for review.
    • We will superscore your SAT 和 ACT (combining the highest scores received f或者是 evidence-based reading 和 writing + math sections).
  • Official high school transcript. Your high school counselor can mail an official transcript in a sealed envelope to our office. They can submit electronically through the application 或者是y can 电子邮件 the official copy directly to You can forward a sealed envelope to us as well, as long as you receive it from your high school.
  • Recommendations. Although letters of recommendation are not required to complete your application, they are strongly recommended. Your recommenders can write a short, free-form letter of recommendation 和 send it to us via the application, 电子邮件, 或邮件. We consider the opinions of your teachers, mentors, 和 youth leaders. (If your teacher is a parent, please send us a recommendation from a non-family member as well.)

  • 面试. This is optional, but allows us to connect a face 和 personality with your admission file. A phone interview is also an option.

Application 最后期限



Extended Early Action Deadline if you want to start


When you apply by Dec. 1, you will receive priority financial aid consideration, an application fee waiver,  a fast admissions decision.


If you want to start



If you want to start



Extended Deadline if you want to start


(Extended to June 1)

Decision Deadline if you want to start