Worship Arts Leadership Minor

In the Worship Arts Leadership minor, students learn how to reflect theologically on worship, create appropriate liturgical materials, and participate in various types of worship services. Drawing on various forms of artistic expression, students will gain experience collaborating with a team to plan, 引领, and facilitate worship in congregational settings.


Students who minor in Worship Arts Leadership take a core sequence of courses in Theology and choose from a variety of electives in Art, 音乐, 和戏剧. 在他们的课程中, they explore the relationship between Christian spiritual disciplines and worship in its many forms. Students get the opportunity to work with other visual artists, 音乐家, 电影制作人, and theatre personnel to implement a theology of worship arts into both liturgical and non-liturgical contexts.

Courses and Degree Requirements

The Worship Arts Leadership minor is an interdisciplinary program housed in the 神学院 and administered by the 礼拜中心. Some of the courses in this minor are: Worship Arts Leadership Seminar, Worship Arts Leadership Practicum, and The History and Theology of Christian Worship. 回顾所有的 Worship Arts Leadership minor courses and requirements here

To earn a Worship Arts Leadership minor, you will be required to take a minimum of 30 credits, including at least 15 upper-division credits. 

To apply to the Christian Theology major or one of our minors, please follow 这些指令.

Theology-Related Internships

Undergraduate students in the 神学院 have worked in churches, parachurch organizations, 部门, and nonprofit organizations.

To find information about possible theology-related internships and employment opportunities, there are many resources available to students, 包括:

  • SPU的 internship and job-posting system, 握手, is updated weekly with ministry, church, and service positions. Students and employers regularly make use of this site.
  • SPU的 就业中心 and 调用 provides employment and internship resources for students and employers. 联系 CCC at 206-281-2485 or spucareercenter@tashkentlegal.com.

Financing Your Education

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